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August 03, 2006

Rain, Glorious Rain

I hate rain. I hate being wet, I hate carrying an umbrella, I hate using my windshield wipers, I hate everything about it. Growing up in Southern California, where it hardly ever rains, I learned to consider dryness a fundamental right. Except during el nino years, but that is a whole other post for another day. Today, however, I'm so glad it is raining!

My doctor and her husband left this morning for two weeks in Hawaii, and they hired me to water their plants every day while they are gone. Every day, that is, except when it rains! Yes, I know, I'm terribly lazy. But I have two black thumbs, and I feel that the less I have to do to their plants, the more chance they will have of surviving until they get back! I warned her that I'm not very good with plants, but she assured me that she would provide me with detailed instructions. And she did, but of course I forgot everything she said as soon as she said it. So she made a little cheat sheet for me. She even gave me a water meter, so that I can determine scientifically which plants need water when. But she is very attached to these plants, especially the false cypresses, and her husband has been working hard on his tomatoes, so I will feel very bad if anything dies under my watch. Especially given how much they are paying me. So I'm a bit relieved that I won't have to start my watering duty until tomorrow. The best part, though, is that I get to take home any tomatoes that ripen while they are away!

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