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August 28, 2006

Shameless Self Indulgence, Part 2

Yesterday my friend Christina took me to get my first ever pedicure. David had suggested it a couple of weeks ago, and I rejected the idea as too extravagent and unnecessary. There is also the fact that I don't like people touching my cuticles. I have never been able to push down my cuticles because it just grosses me out too much, and I don't like other people doing it either. In high school, I made an agreement with Christina that, if I didn't push them down before we graduated, I would go and get a manicure. So the day before graduation, we got manicures together. I love telling people that I have only had one manicure ever and it was because I lost a bet. But recently I started thinking that it might be nice to have someone massage my feet and clean up my toenails, so when I got together with Christina yesterday, I thought that might be something fun to do together. She lives right behind Fairfax High School, and we walked down Fairfax until we found a nail place that offered spa pedicures for $15. It was pretty creepy when they did my cuticles, and one of the nails had such a big cuticle that she had to use some kind of battery-powered machine to cut it off. But Christina talked me through it and it was fine. Now we have the cutest toenails in the whole world. I'll never wear closed-toed shoes again!

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