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September 11, 2006

I'm Just Not Ready...

For the weather to be this cold already! It is only the second week of September -- temperatures should be above seventy every day, but according to the Weather Underground, we won't see seventy degrees until Thursday. This is a problem for me because I have no pants. I guess that is a bit of an overstatement; I'm not going around in my underwear or anything. I do have four pairs of pants that fit, but none are appropriate for teaching: I have jeans, corderoys, and two pairs of "safari" pants that I got for my trip to Ghana, which was now two summers ago. Last weekend, I went to the mall with my friend Diana and bought new clothes for the first time in a year (what kind of girl am I to go an entire year without shopping? I'm a grad student!). Thanks to the miracle that is H&M (and unfortunately to the overseas sweatshop labor that allows them to sell clothes so cheaply), I was able to get two pairs of nice pants that fit me very well, except in one respect -- the length. Being a relatively short woman (5'3"), it is very hard for me to find pants that don't drag on the ground. This was never a problem when I lived in California because my mom is a master pants shortener (she is even shorter than me!), but this time I had to find a real tailor. I guess everyone else is getting their new fall wardrobes altered too, because the tailor said it would take two weeks to hem my two pairs of pants! This was a surprise to me, as the sign outside her shop said "Slacks hemmed while U wait," but I figured that, as long as the weather stayed warm, I could just wear skirts. And then we get this cold snap! Of course, we always seem to get an indian summer (a phrase I never knew until I moved here!), so I know it will warm up again. In fact, the temperatures are predicted to get close to eighty by the end of the week -- right when I get my pants back!

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