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September 09, 2006

Please Don't Tear Down My House!

Yesterday morning, around 9 o'clock, a man came knocking at my door. There was a Detroit Edison truck parked outside, and the man said he was there to turn off my electricity. I asked why he was turning off my electricity, since I had just paid the bill. He replied that he had to take out all of the electrial equipment so that the house could be demolished. Demolished? My house isn't being demolished! Is it? He showed me his work order, and there it was: my address, David's name, and the word "demolition." I told him this must be some kind of mistake, as we certainly weren't planning to have our house demolished. Was this some kind of greenway-related plot? Could the city tear down our house without our permission? There was a phone number on the work order that I didn't recognize, so I told the guy to call it. When he did, he learned that the demolition was supposed to occur at the same address, but on South Ashley, so he apologized and left. I called David to tell him what had happened, and he suggested that, if DTE had the wrong address, maybe the demolishers had the wrong address too. So I put a sign on the door saying "DO NOT DEMOLISH" and I called DTE to get the whole thing straightened out. Given how hard it was to actually talk to a person, the whole screw-up didn't surprise me a whole lot. What did surprise me, however, was how someone could just call, give them the address, and ask for elimination of the electrical service. Why didn't they ask for an account number or some other kind of identification?

David looked up the property that is really going to be demolished, which turned out to be a barn about ten blocks from our house. I guess we will just have to keep an eye on it till its gone to make sure they demolish the right building!

Posted by eklanche at September 9, 2006 01:41 PM


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