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October 17, 2006

Calling In Sick

I have been sniffling for several days now. At first I told myself that it was just allergies, or the weather change, but yesterday I finally admitted that I have a cold. I don't like being sick, but the good thing about it is that it means I will get better. If it were just allergies or the cold weather, I would have to deal with my sore throat, congested head, and aching sinuses all winter! So the bad news is that I feel like crap today, but the good news is that I will probably feel better tomorrow.

I wonder if I got this from one of my students. Many of them were sick last week (or so they told me when they missed section on Wednesday!). For some reason, in both college and grad school, I was always terrified to miss class, so I never did, no matter how sick I was. When I worked full time after college, calling in sick was a brand-new experience. At first I felt guilty about not going to work, then I realized that if I went to work sick, I would be less productive and would probably just get more people sick. So today I'll take advantage of that understanding and call in sick for tutoring. I wouldn't want to get the kids sick, after all!

When I was a kid, staying home sick was a lot of fun. I would watch soap operas and game shows, and my mom would buy trashy magazines for me. Today I get to relive the experience by curling up on the couch and reading Dracula. Technically, this is work, because the book was assigned for the class I teach, but reading a trashy novel never feels much like work!

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