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October 09, 2006

Columbus Day?

When I was a kid, Columbus Day was a holiday, at least in the sense that school was closed and most grownups seemed to have the day off work. Back then, Christopher Columbus was a hero. After all, he had discovered the New World, hadn't he? Around 1992, the five-hundred year anniversary of this "discovery," it seemed that people started questioning Columbus's legacy and calling attention to the genocide of indigenous Americans that his landing inaugurated. Columbus Day began to fade from my awareness, and by college, the day passed unremarked-upon. In fact, I had totally forgotten about its existence until after I graduated, moved out of the dorms, and came home one Monday in October to find my mailbox empty. Was the mailman sick? No, it turns out that some people do still observe Columbus Day, though the holiday seems to be restricted to the banks and the postal service. So what Columbus Day means to me today is that David and I will have to wait yet another day to receive the next Six Feet Under disc in the mail!

Posted by eklanche at October 9, 2006 08:50 AM


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