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October 16, 2006


In a previous post I referred to my parents as "communist," and my father has emailed me to say that I had socialist parents, not communist parents. The distinction, of course, is that after the 1956 Soviet invasion of Hungary, the word "communist" became irrevocably associated with Stalin and his "unethical, antisocial, authoritarian politics" (in Dad's words). Thank you, Dad, for this correction. As an historian, I should have been more sensitive to the distinction.

Dad describes my parents' politics as "democratic socialism." They were members of the New American Movement, along with Kathie Sheldon and Steve Tarzynski, whose papers are archived at the Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research. Dad and Kathie were co-founders of the Socialist Community School, and Mom worked with Steve on reforming the American health care system.

I may have sounded flip about my parents' politics in my previous post, but I'm really proud of them, both of their revolutionary vision and of the steps they took to bring this vision to fruition.

Mom, Dad, if you have anything to add, log in and post a comment!

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