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October 28, 2006

Fun While It Lasted

The Tigers' brilliant season ended last night with their fourth loss against the Cardinals in St. Louis last night. I think everyone in the state of Michigan watched last night's game with baited breath.

Everyone, that is, except for me, David, Ken, and my friendly ex-boyfriend Erik. We went to the UM hockey game, where we watched the Wolverines defeat Northeastern University in overtime. Actually, we were pretty surprised that the game was so close. Earlier, we had been sure it would be easy to beat the fourth (or fifth?) best hockey team...in Boston! But the referees were apparently from Boston as well, and kept penalizing our players. It was easy for Northeastern to score on us when they had five players on the ice and we only had three! The students at UM hockey have recently been censured for an obscene cheer that they seem to enjoy. I have been to several hockey games, but have never actually been able to make out the words to the cheer, so I'm not quite sure what the big deal was. This time, we sat directly across from the student section, so I could make out more of what they were chanting, some of which was pretty funny. My favorite was when Northeastern would get a player back from the penalty box and the announcer would state that Northeastern had returned to full strength, which the UM students countered with, "but they still suck!"

Erik, who is visiting from Los Angeles, proudly wore his Tigers cap to the hockey game, where we were periodically updated on the baseball score. When we left the hockey game, the Tigers were ahead. By the time we got to Miki, where we stopped to pick up some sushi for dinner, the Tigers had fallen behind. We were surprised to find the baseball game on at Miki, as it is a rather upscale restaurant. Usually they only televise a Japanese nature video loop that shows the same scenes over and over. But, as I said, everyone watched last night's game.

Except for us. We would have put the game on when we got home, but, due to our unique television situation (no cable, no antenna -- DVDs only!), we had to listen to it on the radio. We tuned in at the top of the ninth inning -- the Tigers' last chance for a comeback. With two outs and two men on base, Brandon Inge came up to bat. If anyone could have hit it out of the park for a three-run homer, it was Brandon. But he struck out. Erik sadly removed his cap, but a few minutes later put it back on defiantly. After all, the Tigers are still better than any team in California! And there is always next year...

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