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October 16, 2006

Give Me A Call...

...and help support my favorite radio station! Tonight David and I will be answering phones at Michigan Radio to help out with their semiannual membership drive. David has been volunteering with Michigan Radio twice a year since before I knew him, and I began going with him when we moved in together. Answering the phone made me quite nervous at first, but at least it was better than calling people to ask for donations! Over the years, however, I have come to enjoy talking to the people who call in because, whoever they are, we share a love of public radio. And people call from all over the world now that they can listen to Michigan Radio via the internet.

Michigan Radio is the only thing I listen to anymore. I know their schedule from memory and I look forward to my favorite shows each week, even if I don't always tune in. Michigan Radio kept me sane through years of data entry and keeps me alert on the road. When David and I travel, we look for NPR stations wherever we go. I have even been known to say, "If they don't play it on NPR, then I haven't heard it."

So help support the best radio station on earth by calling 888-258-9866. If you call between 5:15 and 8 tonight, David or I might just answer the phone!

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