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October 31, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mom

Yes, my mother has a Halloween birthday, and today she turns fifty-seven. As a child, I never let her have much of a birthday -- I always dragged her out trick-or-treating -- but it was certainly fun for me! After I went off to college and did my trick-or-treating there, Mom started having her own birthday parties. Her fiftieth was particularly fun; she was still living in the beach house then, which she decorated it with really classy Halloween stuff -- think orange candles encased in spider webs -- and she had all her friends over to read poetry. Now she lives with her boyfriend Ken, whose birthday is just a few days from hers (I can't remember whether it is before or after), so they celebrate together. This year, I was so excited about the gift I made for Mom (purple silk/cashmere hand-knit legwarmers) that I put it in the mail two weeks ago!

Halloween kind of snuck up on us here at the Ann Arbor homestead. As of this morning, we do not have any candy to give to hypothetical trick-or-treaters (I say hypothetical because we didn't get any visitors last year and poor David had to eat all the candy himself), but we hope to rectify the situation before the kids come out in force. On Saturday, my aunt reminded me that one traditionally carves a pumpkin for Halloween, so I picked one up and David carved it last night. We hadn't done it since 2002, but David hasn't lost any of his carving skills -- our pumpkin is adorable, even if the top is a bit rotten!

I like Halloween a lot because it is one of those low-stress, take-it-or-leave-it kinds of holidays. No cards or gifts required! I haven't dressed up for Halloween since I was nineteen and found the costume to end all costumes. That year, I was a fairy: I wore a rather busty silver dress along with wings on my back and glitter on my face, and carried a wand. It was quite a fun costume, except for getting groped all night at the Harwood Halloween party. But Halloween is fun because one never outgrows it, one simply finds new ways to celebrate. I just got an email from my thirteen-year-old sister in Pittsburgh, who is debating whether or not to go trick-or-treating tonight. She wants the candy, but fears she may be too old. Sophie, you are never too old for candy. Dress up, go out, and have fun!

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