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October 23, 2006

Shaving Like a Man

The last time David went to the Michigan Union Bookstore for a pop, he received a free razor. Given that he shaves his head weekly in addition to shaving his face every couple of days, David is an avid user of razors and is always on the lookout for a superior shave. The Quattro was not quite up to David's standards, however, so he passed it along to me to try.

This was the second time I have used a man's razor. The first time was when David and I took a weeklong road trip to New Jersey for my grandfather's birthday party, and I planned to wear a sleeveless dress but forgot to bring my razor! In any case, I was pretty impressed both times. Men's razors just seem to be better made than our razors. They are a bit awkward to use, as they seem to be angled for a jawline rather than for a knee or an armpit, but they feel more substantial and I think the weight lends a bit more momentum to the razor's stroke. Granted, the Quattro isn't as pretty as the Venus, but I may just be willing to sacrifice aesthetics for a superior shave. Even if I shave with a men's razor, however, you won't catch me with shaving cream. Real women use soap!

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