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October 15, 2006

World Series

In a last-minute victory, the Tigers swept the Oakland A's in Game Four of the American League Playoffs yesterday, winning the pennant and advancing to the World Series. The score was tied at the bottom of the ninth inning, and the Tigers had two outs. With two men on base, Magglio Ordonez stepped up to bat and hit the ball out of the park. It was a brilliant night for everyone in the state of Michigan. Everyone, that is, except for David and me, and certain of our friends.

Why, you ask? We were holding tickets to Game Five! David pulled the tickets out of his wallet, and threw them on the bar at the Zukey Lake Tavern in disgust. Mock disgust, actually, because, although we were disappointed for ourselves, we couldn't have been happier for the Tigers. The game ended at 7:55, five minutes before the Michigan Wolverines were scheduled to kick Penn State's a--. I wasn't there at the bar, but David told me later that he had three competing concerns. In David's words: "I wanted the Tigers to win so they could go to the World Series; I wanted the Tigers to lose so we could go to Game Five; and I wanted the game to just be f--king over so that we could watch the Michigan game, but the only way the game would end was if the Tigers won!"

Go Tigers -- we'll never root against you again!

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