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November 29, 2006


Have I mentioned that I am in love with a bald man? No, I'm not cheating on David, I'm just referring to his lack of hair. When I first met him, I wondered if he was sick (cancer, AIDS, some other terminal illness...), but I soon learned that men of a certain age just lose their hair. Actually, I knew that part, I just didn't realize David was that age :) In any case, over the past five years, I have grown very fond of David's perfectly-round skull, and have come to see hair on men as just wrong. I never had a thing for baldness before I met David, but I did always admire men like Michael Stipe, who embrace their hair loss rather than fighting it. David, too, has fully accepted his baldness and, even though he has hair on the sides of his head, keeps his skull closely shaved.

Recently David signed up to work as a guinea pig for drug trials at Pfizer, our local pharmaceutical company. The first study he agreed to do was a trial for a cream to regrow hair. David figured he had nothing to lose -- after all, he is already bald, so it can't get any worse. But when he went in for the initial evaluation yesterday, despite the fact that he had refrained from shaving for the past two weeks, the scientists told David that he is too bald for their baldness study! I guess his hair is past the point of no return.

Posted by eklanche at November 29, 2006 11:13 AM


Pfizer includes the company that used to be Upjohn, which developed Rogaine, the hair regrowth drug. One of the key considerations was that there had to be some semi- or recently-active follicles for the drug to work, so that may still be the case.

Posted by: lwinling at December 12, 2006 06:16 PM

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