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November 18, 2006

David and Emily on the Fifty

To prepare for today's big football game against Ohio State, David and I went to Crisler Arena last night to watch the UM basketball team annihilate Harvard 82 to 50. Basketball is one of my favorite sports to watch because we get to sit indoors in theater-style seats. I also like the intimate scale of the game, and the fact that I can actually see what is going on because the ball is bigger than a hockey puck and much closer to me than a football in Michigan Stadium.

On the way home, we walked through the Big House to honor Bo Schembechler's untimely death yesterday. As we made our way into the stands, we realized that the field was full of people. Not football players, certainly, who were probably already on their way to Columbus, but just random Ann Arborites like the two of us. Some were tossing around footballs while others were simply taking advantage of a rare opportunity to tread the same ground as Bo, Lloyd, and the numerous boys who keep our school spirit soaring week after week. One man was there with his small son, explaining to him how artificial turf is made. David and I quickly scrambled down the steps and over the wall to join them. I took off my shoes and reveled in the feel of the turf under my feet. We made our way to the big M on the fifty yard line and fondled it reverently. Just as I said to David that I wished I had brought our camera (yes, we still use film), I noticed other people taking pictures with their cell phones. For the first time ever, I understood the utility of a camera phone!

Posted by eklanche at November 18, 2006 07:11 AM


Hey, just for the record I didn't "fondle" nothing. Yeah, I touched the M, but it was at most a light caress.

Posted by: dmerch at November 20, 2006 12:03 PM

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