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December 26, 2006


Yesterday was the second day that I didn't post since starting this blog in June. The first day was September 16, the day of the UM/Notre Dame football game. I didn't have a good reason for not blogging that day; I just never got around to it. Yesterday I simply didn't have an opportunity: it was one of those rare days with no computer contact. David and I had spent Sunday night at his mom's house, where we stayed until about three-thirty yesterday afternoon, we then drove to his dad's for the rest of the day, and got home around eleven-thirty, which is well past my bedtime!

Yesterday was my first Christmas with the M--- family since 2002, and let's just say that Christmas 2002 didn't go so well, which is why I spent the next three Christmases at the movies with my mom in Los Angeles. Things went much better this year, though I think part of it is just that I now feel like a part of the M--- family, which makes me much more tolerant of their idiosyncracies. But really, we had a wonderful time.

On Sunday night I stayed up late playing dominoes with David's mom, stepfather, and brother (I almost won, but then Mike pulled ahead), and on Monday morning I got up early and spent a few hours drinking coffee and listening to David's mom's memories of his childhood. It is amazing that, even after five years, there are things I don't know about him. For example, he never told me that he won a writing contest in college and had a story published!

David's mom just loves having a Jewish daughter-in-law. She wraps my Christmas presents in Hanukkah paper and puts dreidels in my stocking! It's really cute and I like the fact that -- in her own way -- she can include me in her family's Christmas celebration while being sensitive to the fact that it's not my holiday.

After opening presents at David's mom's, we went to his dad's and opened more presents. Christmas is the one day of the year that his dad builds a fire in the fireplace, but it wasn't that cold out (global warming?), so we had quite a toasty evening. Christmas is also the one night of the year that David's dad uses his charcoal grill. He uses the gas grill just about every night because grilling is the only form of cooking he does, but we all prefer the taste of charcoal. Also, because it was a special meal, David wanted to have asparagus (the official favorite vegetable of the M--- family) along with our steak. December, however, is just not a good time to buy asparagus in Michigan, and he went to four different markets before finding a bunch that didn't look too pathetic. In any case, we had an excellent meal and I truly enjoyed being a member of the M--- family this year.

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