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December 15, 2006

Happy Hanukkah

Hanukkah begins tonight and David and I are ready: we have sent our cards, set up our menorah, and wrapped our presents. We will celebrate tonight with a quiet family dinner (he is grilling chicken, I'm roasting veggies and boiling potatoes -- latkes are just too labor-intensive), and tomorrow night I hope we will have another couple over to light candles with us. Maybe we'll even play dreidel!

Many of my non-Jewish friends don't quite get Hanukkah. Just the other day, my doctor asked if I was planning to cook the whole Hanukkah dinner myself, as if it were just like Christmas with a big meal and lots of guests. Or maybe she had it confused with Passover. Others ask if I'm going home for Hanukkah. I do enjoy years when I can spend at least part of this eight-night holiday with my mom, but it isn't something one goes home for. I college, I even preferred to have Hanukkah fall before the winter break because then I could spend it with my friends, playing dreidel for M&Ms and frying sufganyot (jelly donuts).

The Jew FAQ website has a great explanation of Hanukkah, as well as a page describing what Jews do on Christmas. I couldn't help laughing when I read this page, because I have done many of the things listed: going out for Chinese food, going to movies, and volunteering. I also enjoy spending Christmas with Christian friends, which I'll be doing this year with David's family, but I'll miss the traditional Jewish Christmas.

Posted by eklanche at December 15, 2006 07:38 AM


Happy Hanukkah, Emily!! Thanks for the informative websites. Ken

Posted by: khgarner at December 15, 2006 08:04 PM

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