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December 11, 2006

Merry Christmas, Michigan

Today I received a Christmas card from Governor Jennifer Granholm and her family. Having never received a card from my governor before, I was pretty tickled, despite the fact that Christmas isn't my holiday. It was quite a tasteful card: the whole family sitting in a row, photographed in sepia tones and wearing red mittens (because Michigan is the mitten state). While hubby, children, and dog had one mitten each, Granholm herself had two, and she was holding them up one vertical and the other horizontal above it, just like Michigan's two peninsulas. The message inside says, in red type, "Warm hands...warm hearts...warm wishes this holiday season," and each member of the family signed it, except for the dog, who just gave a pawprint (dogs can't write because they don't have opposible thumbs). You may be wondering why, if it doesn't actually say "merry Christmas," I have referred to it as a Christmas card. It's because of the red. Everyone knows that Michigan should be blue -- for the University of Michigan and for the Democratic Party -- or maybe Green -- for Michigan State -- but definitely not red, which could only possibly stand for Ohio State, or the Republican Party, or Christmas. Nevertheless, receiving this card makes me feel like a true Michiganian.

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