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December 02, 2006

Midnight Madness

The first Friday in December is a glorious time to live in Ann Arbor. The downtown shops stay open late (and offer discounts!), the trees light up with little white Christmas lights, and bagpipers and carolers roam the streets. Even on a windy and snowy evening, it makes winter just a little more tolerable. David and I don't usually make a point of going out to "do" Midnight Madness, but last night our friends Shawn and Dave invited us to go with them, which made all the difference. We didn't do much serious shopping, though we were all on the lookout for a suitable gift for Shawn's dad, who, according to Shawn, has no interests. We came up short on that one, but Shawn did get a couple of things for some of her other relatives, and I got a box of gorgeous Hanukkah candles for myself. Mostly we just browsed and chatted. I had forgotten how many neat stores there are here in Ann Arbor: Ten Thousand Villages, the Selo/Shevel Gallery, the Acme store, the Ann Arbor Art Center, 16 Hands. Granted, I can't actually afford to buy anything at any of these shops (even with the 20% Midnight Madness discount), but it is still fun to look. We finished the evening huddled around hot apple cider at the Crazy Wisdom Tea Room, listening to a bluegrass band from Grand Rapids and still trying to come up with a gift idea for Shawn's dad!

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