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December 24, 2006


Yesterday David and I worked the door at Mittenfest, a benefit concert for 826 Michigan, held at the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti. Even though we had our backs to the show the whole time, it was still a lot of fun. We got to take people's money, draw mittens on their hands (in lieu of a hand stamp), and sell 826 t-shirts and books. David and I sat at the door from 2-5pm (though the event went until eleven), and had thirty paying guests, which meant $150 for 826.

There were about fifteen bands playing over the course of the day, and band members got an x in the mittens on their hands, which entitled them to free beer at the bar. As they came in, we asked them if they wanted us to mark their hands so they could get free beer, and we only had two refusals: one musician had to go to work after her performance, so she declined, and another musician said he was too young. This shocked us: first, that there were people there under twenty-one, and second that this guy was so honest about it -- we were sure that he wouldn't be carded if he went up to the bar with our mark on his hand. Then we started wondering if we had marked other underage band members, and if we were thus facilitating underage drinking. Should we have been carding people at the door as well?

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