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December 10, 2006

That New Furniture Smell

For several months now, David and I have been looking for a piece of furniture to hold our television. Before I moved in with him, David kept it in the bedroom because he was adamantly against having a television in the living room. He loved having people come over and wonder if he even had a tv at all. But I refused to keep it in the bedroom because I had heard that a television in the bedroom is bad for a relationship. So we moved it into my study, which worked for a few years, but I finally got sick of having to sit in my not-terribly-comfortable desk chair in order to watch it.

In the study, the television sat on a set of plank-and-cinder-block shelves that David had put together, which worked just fine. We did, however, eventually move the television down to the living room, cinder blocks and all, and it didn't work as well down there because there wasn't enough space for the stereo equipment along with the tv and DVD player. So for several months, the stereo receiver sat on the floor under the makeshift shelving unit collecting dust while we tried to find a real piece of furniture to hold it.

Until IKEA opened this fall, there really weren't any good furniture stores around. Previously, we have bought furniture from Room and Board in Chicago and from the Home Decorators' Catalog, but neither seemed to have what we were looking for. We shopped and shopped, and didn't find anything. When IKEA opened, it seemed that our prayers had been answered. When I was growing up, all of our furniture came from IKEA or from Plummers, the LA area's flat-packed, assemble-it-yourself furniture store before IKEA, and I have many fond memories of building furniture with my mom. I was sure David and I would find something there, but it still took four trips before we hit on just the right piece. Yes, we are that picky. There is also the fact that we just have a small house, and most furniture today seems to be built to the scale of a McMansion.

David finally hit on the perfect tv storage unit last weekend. We returned together Friday night to buy it (we got the last one in dark brown!), and David put it together yesterday. It took him about seven hours, but it looks great. And our living room is full of that awesome new furniture smell.

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