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December 20, 2006

The Year of Too Many Calendars

A few weeks ago, David and I went to Downtown Home and Garden to get some bulbs to plant in our front yard. While we were there, I spotted the perfect gift for David's brother: a 2007 calendar featuring vintage Michigan football posters. David's brother Mike never went to Michigan, but is a huge Wolverines fan. An entire room of his condo is decorated in Michigan paraphernalia. So I went back to Downtown Home and Garden last week and bought the calendar.

When I told David about it, he replied that it was a funny coincidence, because our friend Shawn had just given him the same calendar. Well, it turns out that this calendar is more popular than I thought. David found out last night that Mike had actually asked their dad, Bill, for a Michigan calendar, and he had bought the same one! When David told him that I had already gotten the calendar for Mike, Bill replied that his was already wrapped and that he wasn't going to return it. Mine is already wrapped too, so I guess Mike is going to have two of the same calendar: one for each bedroom of his condo. I'll just have to make sure to give him mine first!

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