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December 22, 2006

Warming Up

Well, I didn't start grading yesterday. Big surprise, right? But I did finish the book and a scarf I was knitting for David's stepfather, and I watched The 40 Year Old Virgin, so it isn't like I was just sitting around doing nothing!

As I gear up to start reading my students' papers today, I find myself reassured by New Kid's recent post about grading. I tend to give a lot of grades in the B range (okay, I give a lot of As too, but don't tell anyone), and it is reassuring to read that B grades are just the nature of the discipline. I very much appreciated her explanation of how history, though it is chronological, is not cumulative. That explains how I managed to get A and A- grades in my history classes all through college without learning anything about what actually happened!

Posted by eklanche at December 22, 2006 07:51 AM


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