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January 23, 2007

Buckeye Hat

"Where'd you get that Buckeye hat?" my father-in-law asked last Wednesday as I bundled up to go out to the Earle. Although he grew up in Ohio, Mr. M--- has always been a Michigan fan. He moved here with David and the rest of the family in the early 1970s, and immediately got season tickets for Michigan football, which they still have. To him, anything even remotely resembling red just screams Ohio State. For the record, my hat is not red and gray -- it is pink and oatmeal -- and I made it several years ago, before I even knew what a Buckeye was or why I should hate Ohio State. Nevertheless, it was still too close for Mr. M---, though he told me that David's Uncle Bob, who still lives in Ohio and fervently supports OSU football, would love it.

Two days later, my Buckeye hat had gone missing. I know I wore it home on Thursday night and wore a different hat Friday, and now I can't find it anywhere. I thought Mr. M--- was just joking about it being a Buckeye hat, but maybe he was really offended by it and somehow engineered its disappearance. It is all very mysterious...

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