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January 22, 2007

Cars, Cars, Cars

Yesterday David and I went to the North American International Auto Show with our colleague Dieter. Several friends expressed surprise when I told them we were going, but David and I are probably slightly more into cars than the average person. After all, he grew up in (the suburbs of) Detroit and I in (or just outside) Los Angeles, two very car-obsessed cities. And we are car snobs: we won't go near an automatic transmission and we turn up our noses at anything American, with the exception of pickup trucks, in which case the Ford F-150 is the only way to go.

We all enjoyed different things about the auto show: Dieter liked the music, David liked the spokesmodels, and I liked the people watching. David's favorite car was probably the Saturn electric concept car, followed by the Mini Cooper convertible and the Volvo C30, which is not yet available in the US. I didn't see anything I liked better than our 2001 Volkswagen GTI. Even the new GTI didn't impress me.

David and I have pretty similar tastes in cars -- we both like small cars, both for the gas mileage and because we enjoy being able to zip around other cars and park in tight spots. If I had to choose a car from the auto show to actually drive, it would be the Honda Fit. What I don't get, however, is why people keep saying it is such a small car. "Small" cars must have gotten a lot bigger over the past couple of decades because even this car, which was designed to be small, is quite a bit larger than the 1984 Honda Accord I had when I was nineteen. I have always had a thing for Hondas but, when we got our car, David insisted on a hatchback so that we could haul around a lot of stuff, and Honda wasn't making a hatchback then. Now I'm glad we have the GTI because it is a lot of fun, but David still has to make several trips each spring and fall to buy enough mulch for our garden. His solution: buy a pickup truck as a second car for mulch time. My solution: "mulch? Who needs mulch?"

Posted by eklanche at January 22, 2007 07:34 AM


Hey, we both liked the Chevy Volt, and that was an American car. I would have bought one on the spot if they were for sale and the seats were comfortable. GM cars usually have such gross, squishy seats.

Posted by: dmerch at January 22, 2007 08:59 AM

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