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January 24, 2007


I officially start work at 7:30am, which is early enough, but today I got in at seven, not for any good reason, just because I could. I usually talk on the phone from 6:30 to seven and then leave for work, but today I didn't have my phone calls, so I was ready to go at 6:30. It is always dark and pretty quiet out when I walk in, which surprised me on my first day. I really expected the sun to be at least partially up by seven, but I guess that, since Ann Arbor is on the far west side of the Eastern time zone, the sun rises here about an hour after it rises on the East Coast. Today it was even darker and quieter. The joggers and dog walkers who might be out at seven are definitely not out at 6:30, and I only saw one other brave soul walking to work. Walking down Main Street, the only business open that early is Starbucks, and the Christmas lights in the trees are still lit from the night before. It almost feels like going to work at night. The nice thing about going in early in the morning is that it is still light when I walk home in the afternoon. David and I are pretty much on opposite schedules: he walks in to work in the daylight and walks home in the dark. In fact, we are on opposite schedules in just about every way -- some nights we only overlap in bed for about four hours, and there are days when he has his first meal while I'm having dinner! It is actually kind of a nice arrangement because I can take care of early morning business and he can take care of late night business. The problem, however, is that we don't get to see a whole lot of each other, and sometimes I wonder if there is some kind of law of nature preventing us from being in the same place at the same time for too long.

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