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January 10, 2007

Feeling the Burn

Last Wednesday I burned my foot. That's right, I burned my foot on the evening of my wedding day. How? By spilling an entire cup of hot tea on it. Fortunately, I was wearing socks and slippers, but somehow the heat went right through. Prior to this incident, I had really thought I was immune to hot water. I worked at Starbucks the summer I was nineteen, and spilled coffee on myself all the time. I was once carrying an entire pot of just-brewed coffee, holding it against my body so that the spout opened and coffee poured right down my leg, and it didn't burn me. I was invincible. But coffee is only 170 degrees, whereas boiling tea water is 212 degrees. I guess that 42 degrees makes all the difference.

At first, my foot was just a little red and tender. Then some parts within the red area started looking purple. A few days later, the red had faded and the purple had deepened. It now looks like an oddly-shaped bruise across the top of my foot. Most of the time, it doesn't hurt, but the top of my super-cute shoes (I would link to a picture, but they have been discontinued and are no longer listed on the Dansko site) digs right into the burn. For the first couple of days, I just wedged a paper towel in there to pad my foot, but after I realized that the burn wasn't going away anytime soon, I invested in bandaging materials. Yesterday I started using antibiotic ointment in addition to the bandage. Somehow, though, the burn doesn't seem to be getting any better. I'm really glad it is on my foot and not a more visible part of my body; I just hope it heals before summer!

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