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January 26, 2007

I'ts All in the Timing

David has a knack for telling me things he thinks I won't want to hear at the time I am least likely to react or even register what he is telling me. For example, he didn't tell me that he voted for George Bush in the 2000 presidential election until the morning after our first date. Last night, he asked me if I remembered him telling me that he gave money to John McCain. I hadn't remembered, and it turned out that I didn't remember because he had told me when I was asleep! Apparently, though, we had had a whole conversation about it on Wednesday night when David came to bed. I know he isn't making this up because I am a sleep-talker and frequently have entire conversations with David without waking up. Sometimes they make sense, as our conversation about John McCain apparently did, and sometimes they don't, like the time I told David that I couldn't smell him commuting, whatever that means. Sometimes the converations seem to make sense, but I'm saying something totally inaccurate. Last Wednesday night, long after I had gone to bed, David asked me what I was doing for lunch the next day, and -- without waking up -- I told him I was going to Amer's. On Thursday, he called me at work to ask when I was going to head over to Amer's, I replied that it was Thursday and I only go to Amer's on Tuesdays. So David pretty much knows that he can tell me anything when I'm asleep, and I'll most likely reply, so he can say that he told me, but he won't have to face the consequences the next day!

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