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January 12, 2007


Early on in our relationship, David developed the nickname "Troublemaker" for me, and not without good reason: when I am around, xerox machines jam, toilets clog, and coffee makers overflow. I did, however, manage to get through almost three full days at my new job without causing any major disasters, but that streak ended yesterday when I tried to make an afternoon pot of coffee.

It was 2:30pm, I had just finished my lunch, and I knew I wouldn't make it to five unless I had a hot cup of coffee (rather, decaf, but that is another story for another day) in my hands. Given the fact that I have been drinking coffee since I was fifteen and even worked at Starbucks for a whole summer, one would think that I know how to make a pot of coffee. And I do -- in fact, I know how to make a damn good pot of coffee. But I don't always know how to get the coffee into the pot as opposed to on the floor. It seems that each time I use a new coffeemaker, I end up with at least one pot on the floor until I get the hang of it. I did it at David's mom's wedding, I did it in the History Department (fortunately none of my committee members witnessed it!), and yesterday I did it here at ICPSR. I felt particularly stupid yesterday because the problem was that I hadn't inserted the filter holder far enough into the machine, which meant that its hole wasn't lined up with the hole in the top of the coffee pot. Quick action resulted in most of the coffee ending up in my cup and in the water pitcher, but enough landed on the counter and the floor that I used up all the paper towels mopping it up and had to go to the bathroom for more. Perhaps if I had been drinking real coffee instead of decaf I might have noticed that the filter was out of alignment before it was too late. I guess I won't be losing my nickname anytime soon.

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