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February 28, 2007

Cashmere Sweater

I got my first cashmere sweater in 2002 by accident. That's right: I didn't buy it and it wasn't a gift; it came to me as the result of a particularly fortuitous error in the J. Crew warehouse. I had ordered a charcoal gray long-sleeved v-neck cotton shirt, which was on sale for about $12. When the package arrived, it was charcoal gray, long-sleeved and v-necked, and I had been charged $12 for it, but it wasn't a cotton shirt. It was a cashmere sweater.

Once I realized what had happened, I was in a moral quandary. Was it okay to keep the sweater J. Crew had accidentally sent me, even though they had only charged me about ten percent of its retail price, or was that stealing? The quandary was easily solved when I tried on the sweater and found that it was too big. David and I drove to J. Crew, where I explained what happened, gave the sweater back, and had the $12 refunded to my credit card. I never did get the cotton shirt, but I didn't really need it: I had a perfectly serviceable gray shirt from Old Navy, so I'm not sure why I had even ordered the J. Crew shirt in the first place.

About a month later it was Hanukkah and, when I opened my gift from David, there it was: the same gray cashmere sweater, but in my size! David had liked it when it came in the mail by accident and really wanted me to have it, so when it went on sale he pounced. Thanks to my fantastic boyfriend (who is now my fantastic husband!), I got to keep the sweater, free from any feelings of guilt. Despite my weight gains and losses over the past four years, the sweater still fits and I'm wearing it today.

Posted by eklanche at February 28, 2007 07:29 AM


That story is too too sweet, Emily. David's such a good guy.

I'd have returned it too -- more out of fear that they'd catch the error than feeling bad for J.Crew. Well, maybe I'd have been worried about an employee getting into trouble.

Once when I was a teenager, my dad's paycheck got put into my account. I remember very well getting a receipt from the ATM with a balance of like $17,000! (No idea if that's remotely correct - I can't remember at all now the exact amount.) That thrill last only a few minutes, however, since when I got home my dad was freaking out about the shortage of funds in his checking account and I quickly realized what had happened.

Posted by: sbfirst at February 28, 2007 07:48 AM

That's hilarious, Sara. Did you contemplate stringing your Dad along for a bit? "Wow, Dad; that's rough. Listen, I've been pretty frugal this month and could probably afford to loan you a few bucks for gas or something, but you really need to learn to be more responsible with your money."

Would have been worth a shot.

Posted by: dmerch at February 28, 2007 09:54 AM

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