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February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

I have to admit that Valentine's Day isn't my favorite holiday of the year. In fact, I think it is the one that comes with the most pressure attached: pressure to be romantic, pressure to do something romantic, pressure to have a partner to do something romantic with. And there is nothing that makes me feel less romantic than pressure. Fortunately, for the past five years, I have had a partner who pretty much feels the same way, but who still sends me flowers. Really, it's the best of the both worlds: we can make fun of Valentine's Day together, and I get a dozen roses!

I knew David was a keeper the first time he sent me roses at work on Valentine's Day. Actually, that was just confirmation -- I knew he was a keeper the first time he sent me flowers, which was when I returned from a Thanksgiving trip to California less than a month into our relationship. Since then, we have had a tradition of getting each other flowers when one of us returns from being out of town. I like flowers; it is a nice tradition. And David doesn't just send me flowers, he also grows them for me. Have I mentioned yet that he has about four green thumbs? Every spring and fall he takes me to Downtown Home and Garden to pick out bulbs for the garden: I get the flowers I want, but he does all the work. What could be better?

I have just delivered David's Valentine's Day card to his office (one of the many benefits of working in the same building as my husband), but we don't have anything romantic planned for tonight. It is a Wednesday, which means David and his dad will be going to the Earle as they do every Wednesday, and I'll be home working on my Kaplan lesson for Friday night. I'm a bit curious to see what the Earle will look like tonight, with all those couples out trying to have a romantic dinner, but I'm also glad to be avoiding the scene. Maybe we will play a board game when David gets home...

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