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February 23, 2007


I have discovered the world of podcasts, and have been listening to them at work. My work at ICPSR can pretty much be summed up as data work: my first job involved finding bibliographic data and then entering it into a database my boss had made; now I spend my days manipulating computer files -- converting pdf files into text files, editing them, and converting them into xml files -- and moving them from one part of the server to another. This is work I do on my own at a computer, and it really helps to listen to something while I do it. When I started back in 2001 my computer didn't have a sound card, so I just listened to CDs. When I got a computer with a sound card, I began streaming Michigan Radio, our local NPR station. But a couple of weeks ago, I came across a link to Stash and Burn on the blog Yarn-A-Go-Go, one of my semi-regular lunchtime reads (yes, I am one of those geeks who eats her lunch at her desk while reading blogs -- often knitting blogs). The idea of a knitting podcast seemed so novel when I discovered Stash and Burn, but after listening to episodes 2-4 (somehow episode one didn't make it to the archives), it began to occur to me that Jenny and Nicole probably didn't invent the knitting podcast. And, sure enough, I have slowly been finding many more. Here is the list so far, readers, in case any of you are dorks like me and want to listen:

Stash and Burn
Lime and Violet
Math 4 Knitters
It's A Purl Man
Cast On
Craft Sanity

I have to admit that I have become pretty obsessed with these, especially with Math 4 Knitters because it combines two of my very favorite things. The other day, David called me to ask if I was listening to Talk of the Nation. Normally, TOTN is one of my favorite shows, but that day I wasn't listening. When he asked what I was listening to instead, I answered, a bit guiltily, "podcasts about knitting." His reply: "I can't believe you just said you are listening to podcasts about knitting."

Posted by eklanche at February 23, 2007 07:30 AM


*I* can believe you listen to podcasts about knitting! I love Cast On best of all.

Posted by: esik at February 23, 2007 10:23 AM

It is a *little* obsessed of you. Speaking of knitting, do you know where I can get an EASY poncho (for a baby) pattern?

Posted by: kisha at February 23, 2007 02:05 PM

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