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March 03, 2007

Double Take

Between my house and my office I have about six calendars (one in the kitchen, one in my study at home, and four in my cubicle at work -- they were free and I didn't know what else to do with them), and it took me until Friday morning to get them all set to March. Not bad -- just over a day into the month. Given that I have six calendars, and had just switched them all to March, I should have been pretty clear about what month it was. Yet, when I looked at the calendar in my kitchen and saw that it said November, it actually took me a little while to realize that something was wrong. At first, I just thought, hmmmm, November. Judging from the weather outside, it probably could have been November. But then I remembered that it had just been February, and November isn't usually the month after February.

So why did my calendar say November? No, I hadn't just turned six extra pages. It was my kitchen calendar, which features vintage University of Michigan football posters. I had been looking at the poster part of the calendar, which was advertising a game from November 18, 1922, rather than the calendar part. When David got home, I asked him to look at the calendar and tell me if anything seemed wrong, in order to check whether it was just me or if the calendar really was confusing. He looked at it for a minute and said, "yeah, it says November," but then he pointed out that all of the football posters said either September, October, or November, because those are the only months football is played. Had I ever heard of a football game in March? As we flipped through the other posters, however, most of them displayed the month much less prominently. Many of them just had the date in the corner or even abbreviated the month. So why had the calendar makers chosen that particular poster, the one that says "November" in large print across the bottom, for the month of March? Wouldn't it have made a lot more sense in another month, say, November?

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