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March 27, 2007

Reading, Knitting, Foot Rubs, and Transitive Verbs

Over the weekend, I perfected the art of reading while knitting. I had heard of people doing this -- most notably uber-knitter Wendy -- but never thought I would be skilled enough. I also kept wondering how one holds the book open with hands wrapped in wool. But it isn't as hard as I thought, as long as I am sitting at the dining room table and reading either a magazine (which stays open by itself) or a book that I can prop open by laying another book along the top edge.

[Involuntary digression: it took me a minute just now to figure out if I should use the verb laying or lying. I had never even heard of transitive and intransitive verbs until I studied German in college. Why is it that we are never taught English grammar, so we don't learn grammar until we study another language? In any case, transitive and intransitive verbs didn't make any sense to me for the longest time, until finally it just clicked. Yesterday at work I heard someone say that she wanted to go home and "lay down on the couch" and I just wanted to shout "LIE DOWN -- you need an intransitive verb there!"]

Back to the story: so I spent most of the weekend (when I wasn't spaving at Costco or drinking David's milk) sitting at the dining room table, knitting a sleeveless top and reading Alligators, Old Mink, and New Money, an auto/biography of Alison Houtte, owner of Brooklyn's Hooti Couture. It was a fantastic way to spend the weekend but, by Saturday night, my back was pretty sore from leaning over the table. When I mentioned my sore back to David, he immediately came up with a solution -- I should give him a foot rub. Sometimes I wonder exactly how his mind works: I say my back is sore and, instead of offering me a back rub, he suggests that I give him a foot rub!

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