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March 18, 2007


Yesterday David came home from Meijer and informed me that he had scored a free gallon of milk. He followed this sentence up by saying, "and I only had to buy five boxes of cereal to get the milk for free!" Ah, spaving. Spending money to save money. I have blogged about spaving before, in a rather disdainful tone, but have become a much bigger spaver since joining Costco.

My main complaint about spaving is that it tends to encourage overconsumption. It also contributes to our obesity epidemic. For example, why not "supersize" your meal if it only costs an extra few cents? David and I have been guilty of overconsumption too. On our first trip to Costco, we bought a large hunk of Gouda cheese because the price per pound was really good, but then we had to eat this huge chunk of Gouda! Almost two months later, we still have a few ounces left. Fortunately, I'm not the type of person who minds a little mold on her cheese :) For the most part, however, we restrict our spaving to things that don't go bad (toilet paper, cleaning products, and, in David's case, cereal). As long as we have the storage space, I don't see any reason not to buy six months' worth of paper towels at one time. I also like to spave on vegetables because I eat a lot of them anyway. The first time I bought a 3-lb bag of fresh broccoli florets David asked if I was going to freeze them. "No," I replied, "I'm going to eat them." Sure enough, they were gone in less than a week.

The cereal David bought yesterday to score his free milk was his current favorite, so he probably would have eaten five boxes of it over the next month anyway, and it was on sale. Now, however, our kitchen cupboards are overflowing with cereal, as our house was built before the onsest of the spaving-through-supersizing trend!

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