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March 19, 2007

Still At It

I have apparently not yet recovered from the spring cleaning bug I caught last weekend, because I was at it again yesterday. Yesterday I Vacuumed. That's right -- with a capital V. I'm talking about serious Vacuuming, moving-the-furniture-and-vacuuming-behind-it Vacuuming, vacuuming-the-furniture Vacuuming, and vacuuming-the baseboards Vacuuming. I even moved a cabinet in the kitchen to vacuum under it, cleaning out the crack of doom between the stove and the countertop next to it.

Readers who know me know that this behavior is pretty atypical. Not only do I hate cleaning, but I don't think I have vacuumed my house for real since about 2004. I have probably mentioned this before, but vacuuming is difficult at 521 N. Ashley because we have wood floors but a vacuum cleaner that is not equipped to handle them. Somehow, when you put our vacuum on wood, it blows instead of sucks. So we have to vacuum with the hose and brush attachment, one square inch at a time. Ususally I just sweep with a broom and follow up with a Swiffer. This weekend, however, I had a burning desire to get all the dust sucked up. Perhaps it is simply a new manifestation of my OCD. I always wished I could channel it into something productive, such as cleaning or crafting, instead of pulling out my hair or dieting. But we don't get to choose our compulsions!

While I was cleaning, I also did some redecorating, which necessitated more cleaning. The redecorating was inspired by a book I just happened to spot on the shelf at the public library yesterday: Susie Coelho's Everyday Styling. I was a bit embarrassed to take it to the checkout counter, given its cheesy title, but I'm glad I did because it turned out to be a fun, quick, and productive read. Her basic decorating philosophy (actually, she calls it un-decorating) is use what you have and do what you like. Pretty simple. You don't need a book to figure it out, but I think I did need a book to give me permission to do this. So I brought up some stuff from the basement (notably a collection of handmade bowls, the result of my failed attempt at pottery during my first year in Ann Arbor, and my collection of action figures -- Buffy, Queen Amidala, Jesus, and a Starbucks barista) and displayed it in the dining room and study, and I reorganized the kitchen shelving to put stuff that actually looks good in the open shelving over the sink and to hide other stuff in the cabinets. Not a big change but definitely an improvement.

Once David puts up our new porch swing, we will officially be ready for spring. Now, if it would only stop snowing...

Posted by eklanche at March 19, 2007 07:31 AM


Holy crap. A porch swing. That is my greatest fantasy. I won't feel like I have a real home until it has a porch swing.

Posted by: sbfirst at March 19, 2007 12:07 PM

"cleaning out the crack of doom between the stove and the countertop next to it."

That is the yuckiest spot in every house. But you've given me an idea. As soon as I get back from New Orleans, I am going to try to clean between our counter and fridge. All I can say is GROSS.

As far as hair pulling is concerned; my mind/psyche has yet to comprehend the fact that its not "productive". I still honestly believe that it keeps me from looking like Tom Selleck. (I know this isn't rational but what can I do?)

Posted by: kisha at March 19, 2007 01:20 PM

Did you really get a porch swing?! Like Ms. First, this is also one of my life dreams, to live in a house with a porch swing....someday....

Posted by: dlmankow at March 19, 2007 01:54 PM

You are both welcome to come over and use it!

Posted by: eklanche at March 19, 2007 01:55 PM

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