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March 20, 2007

Winning A New Bathroom

Two Saturdays ago, David gave me a home-improvement assignment: winning a new bathroom for our house. He had just read in the Ann Arbor News that Covenant Construction is holding a contest to give away a bathroom remodel. All we have to do is write 200 words about why we need a new bathroom and send it in along with photos of the bathroom in question. If anyone needs a new bathroom, it is certainly us, so I sat right down to write our entry.

As I look at the contest rules online, however, I'm beginning to fear that our bathroom may be too crappy for this contest. To begin with, it is too small -- they are looking for a 12'x12' bathroom, and ours is probably 5'x8'. Who has a 12'x12' bathroom? That is huge! Second, they are only replacing fixtures, reflooring, and painting, not making any structural changes. Our bathroom, if we ever want to shower in it, will need some structural changes. Yes, you read that right -- we can't shower in our current bathroom. We have a gorgeous claw-foot bathtub, but it is under a sloping ceiling, so we can't stand up in it. The only alternative to raising the ceiling would be putting the bathtub on the other side of the bathroom and moving the sink and toilet to the bathtub's current location, which would require rerouting all the plumbing. I'm guessing they won't want to do that either.

Over the nearly five years I have lived in this house I have grown pretty accustomed to showering with a hand-held sprayer while sitting in the bathtub, and I honestly wouldn't mind winning a bathroom remodel that didn't involve installing a stand-up shower. Just getting some new flooring (ours is a nasty rental-unit linoleum), a new sink unit, and a paint job would certainly be an improvement!

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