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April 03, 2007

Thank You, Josh and Sara

Last night, our friends Sara and Josh had us over for the first-night seder, and it was fantastic. We sat around their living room, truly lounging on comfy furniture, went through the seder with mismatched haggadot (which made for some funny moments when we realized that I had the politically correct one -- the second son was referred to as "contrary" rather than "wicked" or "evil" -- and Josh and David had the extra-gruesome one), analyzed and commented on the Passover story and its commentary, and ate a delicious meal. Josh and Sara are vegetarians and, after we got home, David said that he had forgotten how good vegetarian food can be. Passover is my favorite holiday and spending it with friends made it truly perfect. Sara found the afikomen, which was fitting because the prize was a hug from Josh, her husband (who had hidden it). This seder definitely ranks with my fondest Passover memories, so thanks again, Sara and Josh.

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