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March 02, 2007

Local News

Hometown Horror:

Cops: Stephen Grant Pleads Not Guilty to Wife's Killing After Confessing

In a story that continues to shock the nation and more closely Metro Detroit, Stephen Grant has pleaded not guilty after his arraingment on charges of first degree murder and dismemberment of a body.

Early this week, Grant provide a grusome confession to the killing of his wife, Tara Grant, after police found the woman's dismembered torso in the garage of the families Macomb County home.
Judge Denis LeDuc granted the prosecutor's request that Grant be tried for premeditated, or first degree murder, after autospy reports showed that Tara Grant was killed by manual strangulation, which takes approximately five minutes to occur.

Grant, who is currently without legal representation due to "irreconcilable differences", is being held without bond in light of the extreme seriousness of his charges.

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