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March 27, 2007

World News

UK in 'discreet talks' with Iran

The government is attempting to "discreetly" talk to the Iranians to secure the release of 15 Royal Navy personnel, Downing Street has said.

Tony Blair's spokesman said that if the talks were unsuccessful, the government may have to become "more explicit". He said they were "utterly confident" the 15 had been in Iraqi, not Iranian, waters, when they were captured.

Earlier, Mr Blair warned of a "different phase" if diplomacy failed to secure their release.His spokesman said he was referring to a "different way" of handling talks, which could involve making public reasons why the UK was certain the group was in Iraqi waters. It is understood this could include producing evidence such as boat co-ordinates and details of the searched vessel apparently still anchored in Iraqi waters.

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BBC Article

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