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April 13, 2007

Del.icio.us Bookmarks

For our del.icio.us assignment, we stumbled on some very interesting sites.

Gita, in relation to her blog topic Washington/Political News, found the New York Times political blog, "The Caucus" to be very informative, with entries regarding the candidates political positions, speeches, fundraising initiatives, etc... This was very helpful in finding news to write about regarding elections. For instance, she decided to write about Obama's fundraising numbers for the first quarter after viewing it on this blog.

She also found many blogs related to one of her major interests, films and television. She found TV Squad, which posts weekly reviews and news about episodes of The Office and Grey's Anatomy. She consulted this site whenever she missed an episode of her favorite shows. Equally interesting was the "Greenbriar Picture Show", a blog site about classic film. Posted on it were interesting stories about the movies. One featured Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall on location in San Francisco to make Dark Passage. A weekly feature was "Monday's Glamour Starter", about both highly regarded actresses such as Ingrid Bergman and ones less famous today, such as Veronica Lake.

Amy, in relation to her blog topic, Local News, found the website mlive.com to be extremely helpful. The website,whose slogan is "Everything Michigan," provides news stories and information on everything from the state senate to local high school sports. This site proved to be a huge help for generating ideas and stories for Amy to write about. The website Detroit News Online (www.detnews.com) was another bountyful source of interesting local news. Amy found that while checking these sites regularly for good stories, she also enjoyed reading the websites to keep her connected and up to date on the news in Michigan.

Aside from finding interesting stories on local news websites, Amy also found several of her del.icio.us tags by browsing the "popular" section of the del.icio.us website. There were numerous interesting, as well as useful, sites within the popular grouping with extensive variety. She never knew what she would find! Amy also took time to track her classmates del.icio.us accounts to see if they came up with anything particularly intriguing. In doing this, Amy found that you can learn a lot about people by scanning their bookmarks, which she found to be very interesting.

Neha found her stories on the world news by www.bbc.co.uk as well as www.nytimes.com. It was good to read about an issue from both the UK and American point of view. They give an extended coverage on the story, while trying to be as unbiased as popular. By having BBC as her homepage, she was always aware of important issues going on in the world and blogged on those she found most interesting.

Also, Neha found del.icio.us helpful in finding new and interesting sites. She enjoyed searching on the "popular" and "network" tab. She liked to search on categories she found interesting, such as movies, and found a variety of intriguing sites from critiques to movie clips. She liked finding blogs about stories that other people found interesting, as well as new updates in technology

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