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April 20, 2007

My Del.icio.us Experience

When we began using del.icio.us , I was excited because I enjoy discovering interesting sites and returning to them for further exploration. This tool provides an online place to store everything I find. However, I felt that it was repetitive since my favorites file on my browser could serve the same purpose. After exploring del.icio.us during the semester, though, I now find it a much more useful tool than I had originally anticipated.

One of the features I enjoyed about bookmarking with del.icio.us, as opposed to my computer, was that I could access my links from anywhere. Initially, I only bookmarked sites related to class. I tagged IT links, such as news stories about Microsoft Vista. Once while in the undergraduate library, when I wanted to get my blog post out of the way, I was able to access a story about Obama’s campaign announcement that I had bookmarked earlier, which was very convenient. Therefore, I posted all sites I routinely visited, whether they were related to class or not, such as “The Caucus”, a New York Times political blog, the Internet Movie Database, and Reel Classics, so that when I had spare time to complete work or enjoy myself, I could access my links anywhere.

Another feature I found interesting was being able to explore other people’s networks and discover new sites. For instance, on Amy’s network, I found a site from MSN Careers about how to find a first internship. Since I will soon begin an internship search, this tool proved very useful. The search feature was also very convenient because it returned results very specific to the search criteria, while other search engines, such as Google, often return any site that used the key search words, regardless of how relevant the site actually is to the topic in which I am interested. The search results are also even more comprehensive and informative than the ones provided by normal search engines. For these reasons, I often consult del.icio.us first when searching new topics.

When I first started tagging, I found that the lack of folders to organize my links made it very difficult to find sites I wanted to revisit. The bundling option under settings helped me group my entertainment and political stories together by putting similar tags in one category. Although this helped, the feature still had one problem. I could not include all relevant tags in a bundle because those tags were also used with stories that were irrelevant to the category. For instance, I used the tag “Iraq” to refer both to international stories regarding troops in Iraq and to political stories about Congress’ and President Bush’s positions on the war. Therefore, I could not include it under the category “politics.” However, this was a minor problem since I was able to group enough of the other tags to make finding relevant sites very easy.

Overall, I have enjoyed working with del.icio.us and look forward to using it more often in the future and discovering new features with which I am not yet familiar.

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