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April 13, 2007

Topic Developments and Concluding Remarks

During the semester, many developments occured with regard to our topics.

The presidential campaign, which Gita has been covering, has been heating up. Senator Obama officially entered the race in February, having an advantage in his positions on Iraq and a disadvantage in his lack of experience. But although the media coverage of him was very complementary, he needed to gain much more support before he could rival Senator Clinton for the nomination. He also needed to increase his numbers among African-Americans. Now, he leads Clinton among black voters as well as having set up an online fundraising effort in which people make small contributions to his campaign, nearly equalling her in terms of money for the campaign. It will be very interesting to see where his campaign goes throughout the next year.

The local news segment of the blog had a specific aim in creating its blog each week. That aim was to encompass all sorts of news events, which Michigan residents would find as relevant, interesting and even sometimes ammusing. By choosing a variety of stories from Michigan's current economic forcast to suspected Bigfoot sitings, hopefully this goal was fufilled. For these reasons, summarizing the developements of the local news stories as a whole would be very difficult; however, the collection of blogs could be used to illustrate the expansive and varying stories that can take place within a single state quite well.

Neha has been briefly updating the blog with important news from different countries from all around the world. BBC and New York Times have both been vital sources of information, which cover essential topics from countries like the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa. Iraq always seem to have the most explosive news, as it is deeply affected by American policies. Currently in Iraq, an alliance of insurgent groups linked to al-Qaeda says it carried out the deadly attack on the Iraqi parliament.In New York, the UN Security Council also condemned the bombing, describing it as a "heinous act of terrorism".

We have greatly enjoyed writing this blog throughout the semester, as it has increased our familiarity with current events and taught us skills that we can use to communicate with others about serious, work-related issues as well as lighter fare.

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