April 20, 2007

My Del.icio.us Experience

When we began using del.icio.us , I was excited because I enjoy discovering interesting sites and returning to them for further exploration. This tool provides an online place to store everything I find. However, I felt that it was repetitive since my favorites file on my browser could serve the same purpose. After exploring del.icio.us during the semester, though, I now find it a much more useful tool than I had originally anticipated.

One of the features I enjoyed about bookmarking with del.icio.us, as opposed to my computer, was that I could access my links from anywhere. Initially, I only bookmarked sites related to class. I tagged IT links, such as news stories about Microsoft Vista. Once while in the undergraduate library, when I wanted to get my blog post out of the way, I was able to access a story about Obama’s campaign announcement that I had bookmarked earlier, which was very convenient. Therefore, I posted all sites I routinely visited, whether they were related to class or not, such as “The Caucus?, a New York Times political blog, the Internet Movie Database, and Reel Classics, so that when I had spare time to complete work or enjoy myself, I could access my links anywhere.

Another feature I found interesting was being able to explore other people’s networks and discover new sites. For instance, on Amy’s network, I found a site from MSN Careers about how to find a first internship. Since I will soon begin an internship search, this tool proved very useful. The search feature was also very convenient because it returned results very specific to the search criteria, while other search engines, such as Google, often return any site that used the key search words, regardless of how relevant the site actually is to the topic in which I am interested. The search results are also even more comprehensive and informative than the ones provided by normal search engines. For these reasons, I often consult del.icio.us first when searching new topics.

When I first started tagging, I found that the lack of folders to organize my links made it very difficult to find sites I wanted to revisit. The bundling option under settings helped me group my entertainment and political stories together by putting similar tags in one category. Although this helped, the feature still had one problem. I could not include all relevant tags in a bundle because those tags were also used with stories that were irrelevant to the category. For instance, I used the tag “Iraq? to refer both to international stories regarding troops in Iraq and to political stories about Congress’ and President Bush’s positions on the war. Therefore, I could not include it under the category “politics.? However, this was a minor problem since I was able to group enough of the other tags to make finding relevant sites very easy.

Overall, I have enjoyed working with del.icio.us and look forward to using it more often in the future and discovering new features with which I am not yet familiar.

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April 13, 2007

Topic Developments and Concluding Remarks

During the semester, many developments occured with regard to our topics.

The presidential campaign, which Gita has been covering, has been heating up. Senator Obama officially entered the race in February, having an advantage in his positions on Iraq and a disadvantage in his lack of experience. But although the media coverage of him was very complementary, he needed to gain much more support before he could rival Senator Clinton for the nomination. He also needed to increase his numbers among African-Americans. Now, he leads Clinton among black voters as well as having set up an online fundraising effort in which people make small contributions to his campaign, nearly equalling her in terms of money for the campaign. It will be very interesting to see where his campaign goes throughout the next year.

The local news segment of the blog had a specific aim in creating its blog each week. That aim was to encompass all sorts of news events, which Michigan residents would find as relevant, interesting and even sometimes ammusing. By choosing a variety of stories from Michigan's current economic forcast to suspected Bigfoot sitings, hopefully this goal was fufilled. For these reasons, summarizing the developements of the local news stories as a whole would be very difficult; however, the collection of blogs could be used to illustrate the expansive and varying stories that can take place within a single state quite well.

Neha has been briefly updating the blog with important news from different countries from all around the world. BBC and New York Times have both been vital sources of information, which cover essential topics from countries like the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa. Iraq always seem to have the most explosive news, as it is deeply affected by American policies. Currently in Iraq, an alliance of insurgent groups linked to al-Qaeda says it carried out the deadly attack on the Iraqi parliament.In New York, the UN Security Council also condemned the bombing, describing it as a "heinous act of terrorism".

We have greatly enjoyed writing this blog throughout the semester, as it has increased our familiarity with current events and taught us skills that we can use to communicate with others about serious, work-related issues as well as lighter fare.

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Del.icio.us Bookmarks

For our del.icio.us assignment, we stumbled on some very interesting sites.

Gita, in relation to her blog topic Washington/Political News, found the New York Times political blog, "The Caucus" to be very informative, with entries regarding the candidates political positions, speeches, fundraising initiatives, etc... This was very helpful in finding news to write about regarding elections. For instance, she decided to write about Obama's fundraising numbers for the first quarter after viewing it on this blog.

She also found many blogs related to one of her major interests, films and television. She found TV Squad, which posts weekly reviews and news about episodes of The Office and Grey's Anatomy. She consulted this site whenever she missed an episode of her favorite shows. Equally interesting was the "Greenbriar Picture Show", a blog site about classic film. Posted on it were interesting stories about the movies. One featured Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall on location in San Francisco to make Dark Passage. A weekly feature was "Monday's Glamour Starter", about both highly regarded actresses such as Ingrid Bergman and ones less famous today, such as Veronica Lake.

Amy, in relation to her blog topic, Local News, found the website mlive.com to be extremely helpful. The website,whose slogan is "Everything Michigan," provides news stories and information on everything from the state senate to local high school sports. This site proved to be a huge help for generating ideas and stories for Amy to write about. The website Detroit News Online (www.detnews.com) was another bountyful source of interesting local news. Amy found that while checking these sites regularly for good stories, she also enjoyed reading the websites to keep her connected and up to date on the news in Michigan.

Aside from finding interesting stories on local news websites, Amy also found several of her del.icio.us tags by browsing the "popular" section of the del.icio.us website. There were numerous interesting, as well as useful, sites within the popular grouping with extensive variety. She never knew what she would find! Amy also took time to track her classmates del.icio.us accounts to see if they came up with anything particularly intriguing. In doing this, Amy found that you can learn a lot about people by scanning their bookmarks, which she found to be very interesting.

Neha found her stories on the world news by www.bbc.co.uk as well as www.nytimes.com. It was good to read about an issue from both the UK and American point of view. They give an extended coverage on the story, while trying to be as unbiased as popular. By having BBC as her homepage, she was always aware of important issues going on in the world and blogged on those she found most interesting.

Also, Neha found del.icio.us helpful in finding new and interesting sites. She enjoyed searching on the "popular" and "network" tab. She liked to search on categories she found interesting, such as movies, and found a variety of intriguing sites from critiques to movie clips. She liked finding blogs about stories that other people found interesting, as well as new updates in technology

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April 12, 2007

World News

Castro almost fully recovered

Cuban leader Fidel Castro is "almost totally recovered" from intestinal surgery last year, his ally Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said.The 80-year-old Cuban president had resumed a good part of his duties, Mr Chavez told journalists in Caracas. Mr Castro has not been seen in public since July 2006, when he handed power to his brother Raul.

His continued absence from politics has fuelled speculation about the seriousness of his condition. Mr Castro's health is treated as a state secret in Cuba, but Mr Chavez has offered a number of updates on his ally in recent months. "Almost totally recovered is the very reliable information that I keep receiving," Mr Chavez told a news conference in the Venezuelan capital.

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Washington/Political News

"Stem Cell Bill Passes in the Senate, but Bush Promises a Veto"

On Wednesday, the Senate passed a bill that eases the restrictions on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. The bill passed 63-34, with almost all of the Democrats and 17 of the Republicans supporting it. Many Senators, such as Orrin Hatch, expressed hope that stem cell research will lead to remedies for Parkinson's and diabetes. Polls show a substantial number of Americans support the research.

However, President Bush promises to veto the legislation, saying that it crosses a moral boundary that he feels should not be crossed. He vetoed similar legislation which passed in the Senate last year, the only time he has used his veto power while in office.

For more information, see the New York Times article.

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April 10, 2007

World News

Darfur Collides With Olympics, and China Yields

For the past two years, China has protected the Sudanese government as the United States and Britain have pushed for United Nations Security Council sanctions against Sudan for the violence in Darfur.

After being warned by the state to either tone-down its controversial content or face funding cuts, the Ann Arbor Film Festival said no thank you to the government and decided to decline funding from the state entirely.

But in the past week, strange things have happened. A senior Chinese official, Zhai Jun, traveled to Sudan to push the Sudanese government to accept a United Nations peacekeeping force. Mr. Zhai even went all the way to Darfur and toured three refugee camps, a rare event for a high-ranking official from China, which has extensive business and oil ties to Sudan and generally avoids telling other countries how to conduct their internal affairs.

So what gives? Credit goes to Hollywood — Mia Farrow and Steven Spielberg in particular. Just when it seemed safe to buy a plane ticket to Beijing for the 2008 Olympic Games, nongovernmental organizations and other groups appear to have scored a surprising success in an effort to link the Olympics, which the Chinese government holds very dear, to the killings in Darfur, which, until recently, Beijing had not seemed too concerned about.

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April 09, 2007

Washington/Political News

Obama's Fundraising Efforts Rival Clinton's

In the first quarter of the campaign, Senator Obama has raised almost as much money as Senator Clinton, 25 to 26 million dollars. Obama was the last to disclose his figures for the first quarter and has stated that $23.5 million is for the primary season. 100,000 people have donated, with many making contributions of $25.

The campaign exceeded the fundraising goals it set when it entered the campaign, as more people have come to the events than expected and low-dollar contributions have poured in online. Obama raised most of his money using the Internet, which does not directly translate to success, as Howard Dean showed in 2004.

For more information, click this link: New York Times

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April 07, 2007

World News

Top Bangladesh politician is held

Police in Bangladesh say that they have arrested the influential politician and former Law Minister, Moudud Ahmed.Mr Ahmed has not been charged and it is not clear why he has been arrested, but correspondents say that he has recently been accused of tax evasion

The head of the military-backed caretaker government has meanwhile confirmed that general elections will be delayed until the end of 2008. The caretaker government has launched a vigorous drive against corruption after its leader, Fakhruddin Ahmed imposed a state of emergency and cancelled national elections planned for 22 January.

For more information, click here

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April 06, 2007

Local News

Bigfoot in Michigan?!

A bunch of trees snapped in two along a trail at Bay County's Tobico Marsh has some wondering if it's the handiwork of a bigfoot.

Last month, about a quarter mile from a parking lot for marsh visitors, Conley and friend Charles Robinson of Sanford say they found a group of 15-20 live poplar and oak trees that had recently been snapped off at a height of 2-10 feet.

Mike Evanoff, supervisor for the Bay City State Recreation Area in Bangor Township, which includes the marsh, said he doesn't know what could have caused the tree breaks.

Locals commented that it's common to see dead trees that have fallen down in the area, but these trees appeared to be alive and well. As of yet there is still no explaination to why the trees snapped

Stories of mysterious tree breaks blamed on bigfoot are abundant on the Internet, and have been reported in numerous states. Bigfoot is purported to inhabit remote forests in the Pacific Northwest and Canada, but sightings have been reported in Michigan and even Bay City, according to a Web site for the Michigan Bigfoot Information Center.

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April 05, 2007

Washington/Political News

"In Hub visit, Gonzales defends dismissals"

U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales deflected questions about whether he should resign after the firing of eight federal prosecutors while contending that he was not fully involved with the discussions that led to their firing.

In recent days, Gonzales has been under pressure to resign, especially after the testimony of Kyle Sampson, the former chief of staff to Gonzales, who stated that the attorney general had participated in the discussions and the White House had a larger role in the firings than the Justice Department had contended.

Gonzales was in Boston to talk about the dangers posed to teenage girls by child pedophiles on the Internet.

For more information on this story, click the link above.

Photo from Abcnews.com

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April 04, 2007

World News

World Bank to decide its president's fate

The World Bank's president Paul Wolfowitz is facing calls for his resignation after it was revealed that a promotion was awarded to his girlfriend. Mr Wolfowitz said the way he handled the matter was a mistake and he apologised. This report from Justin Webb:

When Mr Wolfowitz took over the presidency of the bank, his partner, Shaha Riza, was an employee. Under bank rules, she could not work directly to him, so she was seconded to the State Department, but at the same time, given a large salary increase and a promotion.Even before this crisis, Mr Wolfowitz's leadership of the bank had been highly controversial. He clashed frequently with insiders who regarded his management style and his policies as unacceptable, in particular, his insistence that bank help for poor nations be tied in future to their willingness to root out corruption.

For more information, click this link: Article

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March 31, 2007

Washington/Political News

"Bush repeats veto threat on Iraq funding bill"

In his Saturday radio address, President Bush repeated his threat to veto bills setting non-binding deadlines for withdrawal in Iraq and raising taxes. He claimed again that setting such "arbitrary" deadlines would threaten U.S. security and that Democrats would raise taxes by nearly $400 billion in taxes to put to their special interest projects. Bush believes that his plan would eliminate the federal deficit in five years.

The Democrats responded by saying that their bill provided sufficient funding for the troops in addition to providing a "much-needed change" in Bush's Iraq policy, money to fix Walter Reed, and funds to provide troops and veterans with health care.

For more information, click here

Picture from here

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Local News

Great Lakes water compact tests regional unity

After shaking hands on a proposed compact to prevent states from the "Sun Belt" from draining the Great Lakes, the surrounding stats are finding their biggest complaints are coming from their own citizens.

The compact would effect local user by having them regulate their water use and adopt conservation methods for any endeavor requiring a lot of water. For these reasons, people throughout the Great Lakes Region are aganist the compact.

As of yet, Minnesota is the only state to ratify the compact. The other mid-western states are lagging behind, but are expected to follow accordingly within the next few years.

Despite feuds between critics and supporters of the compact, the general concensus within the region is that implementing water management is necessary before real problems occur.

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March 27, 2007

World News

UK in 'discreet talks' with Iran

The government is attempting to "discreetly" talk to the Iranians to secure the release of 15 Royal Navy personnel, Downing Street has said.

Tony Blair's spokesman said that if the talks were unsuccessful, the government may have to become "more explicit". He said they were "utterly confident" the 15 had been in Iraqi, not Iranian, waters, when they were captured.

Earlier, Mr Blair warned of a "different phase" if diplomacy failed to secure their release.His spokesman said he was referring to a "different way" of handling talks, which could involve making public reasons why the UK was certain the group was in Iraqi waters. It is understood this could include producing evidence such as boat co-ordinates and details of the searched vessel apparently still anchored in Iraqi waters.

For more information, click the link below.

BBC Article

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March 22, 2007

Local News

AAFF chooses to go without state support.

In the Michigan Theatre on Tuesday, AAFF President Jay Nelson announces the suit filed against the state by the Festival and the ACLU.

After being warned by the state to either tone-down its controversial content or face funding cuts, the Ann Arbor Film Festival said no thank you to the government and decided to decline funding from the state entirely.

Severing funding ties with the state came after a former state representative accused the AAFF of breaking state obscenity laws. The AAFF chose to strategically bow out of the debate inlight of looming elections and the potential for becoming a political pawn.

Teamed-up with the American Civil Liberties Union, the AAFF has now filed a lawsuit against the state of Michigan for violating the festivals First Amendment rights.

For More on the AAFF battle with Censorship

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March 21, 2007

Washington/Political News

"Bush Clashes With Congress on Prosecutors"

On Tuesday, President Bush and Congress clashed over the issue of the firing of several federal prosecutors. Democrats demand to know whether politics was involved in the dismissals, and due to the way the Justice Department informed Congress of the dismissals, both parties want explanations.

Congress demanded internal White House documents and testimony from top presidential aides. The White House offered informal interviews with Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove, former White House Counsel Harriet Miers, and two other officials as well as access to e-mail communications about the dismissals, but not internal documents due to concerns over their becoming public. Democrats turned this down saying that none of these conversations would be under oath and no transcript would exist.

For more, click the title to see the New York Times article.

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March 20, 2007

World News

'Up to 600 dead' in Congo clashes

Up to 600 people may have been killed in last week's clashes in the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital, Kinshasa, European Union diplomats say.

The authorities have said about 60 people died in violence between the army and armed guards loyal to opposition leader Jean-Pierre Bemba. The EU diplomats expressed concern at the government's "premature" use of force which they say led to fighting. President Joseph Kabila said his troops put down an armed rebellion. There were enormous numbers of civilian casualties UK's ambassador Andy Sparkes. The violence threatened to derail the peace process which ended DR Congo's war and led to elections last year.

Mr Kabila defeated Mr Bemba, a former rebel leader, in a second round run-off. But Mr Bemba refused to have his armed bodyguards integrated into the national army before last week's deadline

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March 12, 2007

Local News

Wallstreet to Michigan: Straighten Out!

With the threat of a credit downgrade looming, Michigan could be facing higher borrowing interests rates.

Michigan's current year budget deficit is greater than $800 million and is the only state with a negative credit outlook according to credit rateing services.

Debate is stirring within the state on the most appropriate form of action for Michigan's climb out of deficits. Governor Granholm's solution includes a 2% tas on services which would generate an expected $1.5 billion in revenues annually. State republicans, however, feel budget cut backs would be a better solution. Heated negotiations are presumed to arise in the following weeks.

More on this story.

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March 08, 2007

Local News

Warm Days Ahead!

Despite recent snowfall and single digit temperatures, meterologists are predicting a huge weather warm-up due next week.

Due to current warming trends coming from the western coast and the southwest, warm air is headed toward southern Michigan and much of the midwest begining this weekend (see above). Temperatures are expected to reach 40+ degrees initially and continue climbing throughout next week to the high 50s!These early signs of spring could be the first signal that summer is indeed on its way!

For more on this story visit: Warming Trends

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March 06, 2007

Washington/Political News

"McCain to formally announce candidacy in April"

Arizona Senator John McCain will seek the presidency in 2008, he announced on the Late Show with David Letterman. McCain is expected to formally announce his candidacy in April, after visiting Iraq. This will be his second run after being defeated by George W. Bush in the 2000 Republican primary.

He faces tough competition, though. Former New York Mayor Rudy Guliani has widened his lead over McCain recently, and former Governor Mitt Romney is also receiving much attention. McCain also faces trouble as an outspoken supporter of the unpopular war in Iraq. However, he is still considered a top contender for the nomination.

If he wins the presidency, McCain will become the oldest person to be sworn in as a first-term president.

For more, see the article here.

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March 03, 2007

World News

Pakistan military tests missile

Pakistan says it has successfully tested a short-range missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. A statement from Pakistan's armed forces said the test-firing proved the weapon had met its design parameters.

The Hatf-II Abdali surface-to-surface ballistic missile is said to have a range of 200km (125 miles). Last week Pakistan test fired a nuclear-capable, surface-to-surface Hatf VI missile, which has a much longer potential range of 2,000 km.

For more information, click the link below.

BBC Article

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March 02, 2007

Local News

Hometown Horror:

Cops: Stephen Grant Pleads Not Guilty to Wife's Killing After Confessing

In a story that continues to shock the nation and more closely Metro Detroit, Stephen Grant has pleaded not guilty after his arraingment on charges of first degree murder and dismemberment of a body.

Early this week, Grant provide a grusome confession to the killing of his wife, Tara Grant, after police found the woman's dismembered torso in the garage of the families Macomb County home.
Judge Denis LeDuc granted the prosecutor's request that Grant be tried for premeditated, or first degree murder, after autospy reports showed that Tara Grant was killed by manual strangulation, which takes approximately five minutes to occur.

Grant, who is currently without legal representation due to "irreconcilable differences", is being held without bond in light of the extreme seriousness of his charges.

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March 01, 2007

Washington/Political News

Is Black America ready to embrace Obama?

In a new poll released by the Washington Post, Senator Barack Obama now leads Senator Clinton among African-Americans by 11 points, where he was previously behind. However, he does not yet have a majority of their support and some doubt his ability to connect with the African-American community. In addition, fewer African-Americans than whites believe that America is ready for a black president.

For more, read the article linked above.

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February 27, 2007

World News

Danish Protests spark 100 arrests

Police in Denmark have arrested about 100 people during a second night of protests over the eviction of squatters from a youth centre in the capital. Officers in riot gear used tear gas to disperse demonstrators, as cars were set alight and petrol bombs thrown.The clashes have centred on the Youth House (Ungdomshuset) building in the Noerrebro district of Copenhagen. Left-wing activists have occupied the building since 1982 but it was sold by the city in 2000 to a Christian group.

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February 23, 2007

Local News

Effects of GM-Chrysler Merge on Michigan

Already facing deficits in excess of $800 million, the State Budget is expected to take yet another hit if indeed the Chrysler Group decides to merge with General Motors Corporation.

While the complete effects of the merge cannot yet be known, state analysts are preparing for the worst. State property and business tax revenues will surely decrease and employment numbers are expected to take a significant decline as well. Talk of displaced worker programs are already circulating amongst State officials.

At this point, theres not much more to do, but wait for the final word on whether or not GM and Chrysler will be merging.

For more information on the merge visit Detroit News Online

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February 18, 2007

Washington/Political News

Senate Rejects Another Effort to Debate Iraq Troop Surge

On Saturday, the Senate rejected a second attempt to debate a resolution opposing President Bush's troop surge in Iraq. The outcome was four votes shy of the 60 they needed to be able to debate. However, seven Republicans and one independent split from their party and joined the Democrats in calling for a debate, among them Senators John Warner of Virginia and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania.

Republicans called Saturday's vote political theater and said that divisions among Democrats over military spending will make it difficult for them to support legislation stopping the war. On the other hand, Democrats say that the vote reflects public unease about U.S. involvement in Iraq.

For more information, click the link below.

New York Times Article

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February 15, 2007

Local News

Poisionous Peanut Butter?!?

Recent reports of Salmonella cases are being traced to Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butters, which have recently been recalled. Five new cases of Salmonella have been confirmed in the Metro Detroit area, totalling 288 nationwide since August.

Salmonella is usually contracted from raw or uncooked animal products. The symptoms of salmonella include: diarrhea, fever, vomiting, and abdominal cramps up to 6 to 72 hours after infection. If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms and have consumed either peanut butter, seek medical attention as soon as possible.


For more information straight from the producer.

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February 13, 2007

World News

Iraq Issues New Security Plans

Iraq plans to close its border crossings with Iran and Syria for three days as part of its security plan for the capital, Baghdad. This will also extend Baghdad's curfew by one hour. 21,500 additional U.S. troops will be sent to Iraq to make sure this security plan is implemented. This plan has caused strong opposition in the Democrat-led Congress. Even after the 3-day border closure, crossing points with Iran will only be partially re-opened. The security drive was initially caused by claims from the US that Iran is supplying militias with sophisticated weapons to attack US troops. However, violence has still continued in Iraq despite the new security plans.A van crammed with explosives detonated near a college in western Baghdad, killing at least 16 people and injuring 45.On Monday a series of car bombs in markets in the centre of the capital killed at least 76 people and wounded 164.

For more on this story..

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February 10, 2007

Washington/Political News

Obama Enters Presidential Race

Senator Barack Obama of Illinois formally entered the presidential race this morning, as a candidate for the nomination of the Democratic party.

In his speech, at the Old State Capitol where Abraham Lincoln began his political career, Obama pledged to become the first black president and evoked Lincoln's 1858 speech where he said "a house divided against itself cannot stand." He reminded voters of his consitent opposition to the war in Iraq, a difference from Senator Clinton and John Edwards, both of whom intially supported invading Iraq. This position could draw support from many voters.

Obama deflected criticism about his lack of experience by suggesting that the current government has not represented the beliefs of the people and that he has been there long enough to know that it needs to change.

For more information visit the following links.

  • New York Times Article
  • CTV.ca Article

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    Local News

    Frostbite Occurences Jump

    In light of the recent cold snap whipping across the midwest, hospitals have seen a sharp incline in the number of cases of frostbite. The University of Michigan Health Services has reported several frostbite cases compared to the norm of zero.

    With the wind-chill putting temperatures far below freezing, frostbite is setting in much more quickly. Children and the elderly have the highest risk, but everyone should be concious of the most common danger areas: the nose, ears, cheeks, hands and feet.

    Luckily, temperatures are expected to reach positive numbers begining this weekend; however, averages are still projected to be below normal.

    For more on this story... and useful tips.

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    February 04, 2007

    Topic Announcement

    Our topic for the team blog is news and media. Weekly, we will be updating about different aspects of the News. Neha Mehta will summarize World News, Gita Subramaniam will write on Washington (U.S. Government) News, and Amy Caldwell will address the local news.

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    The authors:

    Neha Mehta - Section 5

    Amy Caldwell - Section 5

    Gita Subramaniam - Section 5

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