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October 30, 2006

City-Wide Wi-fi Networks

According to an article posted on CNet News http://news.com.com/Taking+Wi-Fi+power+to+the+people/2100-7351_3-6130059.html there has been an increased effort by many cities in the United States to create Wi-Fi networks that span the entire city and would be accessible by anyone with a laptop that is equipped with a wireless adapter. Some estimates say that cities will spend nearly $1 Billion to create the system, thought most cities will spend around $15 million each to build and maintain their networks.

I think this would be great and beneficial for everyone. It would allow people to work and play on their computers anywhere in the city and allow people more flexibility and freedom concerning when and where they work. Of course, there are going to be people who will try to abuse and/or damage the connections or to hack into computers. While it will fact cost money to create and maintain the networks, it will probably be a lot cheaper to maintain that land connections in the long run. Wi-fi is also easily accessible to many more people and is better able to handle high-traffic volumes. Mostly, the network would work by integrating and sharing all of the available Wi-Fi networks available in the city. La Fonera, for example, has about 112,000 different networks connected to its major connection.

Access to the Network, however, would not be free. People who are not subscribed to the networks –which include EarthLink, FON, La Fonera, and Google, typically have to pay $1 to $2 for a 24-hour access period.

Posted by grturner at October 30, 2006 12:40 PM


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