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October 25, 2006

MIcrosoft's new Anti-Spyware program

On October 24, Microsoft released its new anti-spyware software, Windows defender. This program is currently compatible with Windows XP and will be compatible with Vista, Windows new Operating system which is expected to be released in the upcoming months. The release of defender, of course, competes directly with McAfee and Symantec security systems. McAfee and Symantec are already feuding with Microsoft over the availability of the technology Microsoft is using for its security software that will be included in the Vista Operating System. Since Microsoft and Windows are run on virtually all PC’s, adding a security component to the OS would eliminate and take away the majority of the market McAfee and Symantec currently enjoys. In my opinion, however, this will be good for consumers. They will not have to pay for the new Vista OS and go out and buy security software. This of course assumes that Microsoft will not gouge customers for charging a lot of extra money for the added security software. Also, since the security software being produced by Microsoft is in its infancy, it could be argued that it is exceptionally vulnerable to attacks by hackers, phishers, and thieves. Also, the prestige of Microsoft could entice more hackers to try to penetrate the system simply for bragging rights.

Microsoft also released a new program that allows businesses to electronically renew the licenses on their computers, which would save some companies a lot of money by simplifying the maintenance of the system while reducing administrative tasks associated with the system and making them easier.

The articles used for this blog can be found at http://news.com.com/Microsofts+free+anti-spyware+hits+market/2100-1029_3-6128978.html?tag=nefd.top and http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/10/19/microsoft_promises_more_info/

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