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November 27, 2006

Zune incompatible with Windows Vista

Microsoft is trying to release Zune by the holiday season that it has not focused so much on making it compatible with its latest version of operating system, Windows Vista, which will be released early next year. Those who attempt to install Zune will receive an error message in the form of a picture display of three women in distress. Microsoft also confirms the incompatibility issue in its official Zune supporting document, stating that Zune is not supported by Vista for the time being.

Microsoft may be trying to reap the most sales from the holiday season because it is the peak season for technological gadget purchases. However, it should address this matter instead of going ahead with the plan of meeting the holiday dateline to release Zune. This is because the incompatibility issue may adversely affect Microsoft rather than bringing in more revenue to the company. Firstly, sales of Zune will impact the future sales of Windows Vista. People who buy Zune will almost definitely not upgrade their operating system to Windows Vista because the latter does not even support Zune, making the upgrade futile. Secondly, the forced release of Zune may affect its own sales. Many people may choose to wait until the updated version of Zune is released, which will hopefully be compatible with Windows Vista by then, and not buy Zune now during the coming holiday season. Lastly, the inconvenience caused by the incompatibility of Zune may affect Microsoft's brand equity negatively because people will inevitably think that Microsoft is not producing top of the line products anymore.

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November 24, 2006

Microsft Vista in compliance with US antitrust ruling... so far

Microsoft and the SEC announced today that up to this point, the new Microsoft Vista Operating System is in full compliance with a previous US anti-trust settlement concerning Microsoft’s monopoly in the desktop operating system market. The issues surround many of the services Microsoft offers and uses on its operating system, including e-mail, instant messenger programs, and internet browsers. Microsoft was fined over US$600 million in a past ruling in Europe for antitrust violations.

To ensure that they are in full compliance, Microsoft is allowing vendors of the aforementioned services and regulators to test the compatibility of Vista and other, non-Microsoft programs and software. They have also licensed communication protocols to IT vendors who want to create server software that is compatible with Vista. This of course, comes after MacAfee and Symantec have claimed that the anti-virus software Microsoft plans to release and include in the Vista Operating system violates antitrust laws and both companies have threatened legal action. In response, Microsoft released information to them as well to ensure they were not in violation of any laws.

I personally believe all of this is a good thing. Microsoft essentially wants to dominate every aspect of a user’s computing experience. Microsoft has the ability to do this because they are the most-dominant Operating System in the world by far. They can simply cause other programs and software to not be compatible by imbedding codes into the OS. The anti-trust rulings ensure that there will some sense of competition in the market and will hopefully keep prices down somewhat (compared to what they would be under a monopoly). Also this gives the consumer at least some sense of being able to have a choice in the software that they use in their lives. Also, in light of the fact the their Zune© MP3 player will not be compatible with the Vista Operating system, it would seem more logical for Microsoft to make sure their own products work with Vista rather than trying to ensure others don’t.

Information for this blog was used from the article at http://www.computerworld.com.au/index.php/id;1438863355;fp;2;fpid;1

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November 13, 2006

Microsoft sends Vista to manufacturers

Late last week, Microsoft "released to manufacturing" the Vista Operating System. The software had been created to replace the popular Windows XP and according to Microsoft, Vista is the biggest project ever for Microsoft. They expect Vista to eventually be ran on 9 out of 10 computers.

Microsoft has released numerous updates and versions of the software to help computer manufacturers prepare for the release and to ensure that the software is compatible with the computers. Microsoft is also worried about the marketing blitz they will have to put on and the hope that Vista will be as successful and XP was when it was released five years ago.

The Vista OS still has the anti-virus software that was at the center of much of the debate that was occurring between Microsoft and its rivals Symantec and MacAfee. Those two companies have complained that Microsoft is conducting anti-trust practices by including anti-virus software on Vista

In my opinion, Windows XP is fine and has always worked for me, Vista seems like just another thing introduced by Microsoft that all computer users will eventually have to pay an exorbitant amount of money for to make their computers compatible with the millions of other people who have purchased the OS.

This blog was created using information from and article on the Seattle Times website, it can be found at http://archives.seattletimes.nwsource.com/cgi-bin/texis.cgi/web/vortex/display?slug=vista09&date=20061109&query=Vista

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November 08, 2006

Term Project Announcement

Our group (group 96) has decided that the subject of our term project will be on the impending release of the new Microsoft Vista Operating System. We will study the features of the OS, the legal matters concerning the release, and its ongoing battle with McCafee and Symantec over the anti-virus software.

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November 02, 2006

Microsoft backtracks on Vista transfer limits

Microsoft, in its attempt to prevent privacy, initially applied the new transfer limits on its new boxed Vista. This means that users under this proposed term can only install the operating system only once. Separate rules will be applied to installed Vista on new PCs. However, many game enthusiasts responded negatively to this change in licensing. These gamers are people who often upgrade parts of their PCs and thus would need to install the operating systems quite a number of times.

Therefore, in response to this outcry, Microsoft is now reversing back to the original licensing agreement. The same terms as they proposed for Windows XP will still apply which means that users can install multiple number of times of Windows Vista. There are, however, some conditions to fulfil before users can perform the multiple installations. The operating system would need to be completely uninstalled first from the old PC and stop using the program.

In my opinion, fighting piracy is definitely a big issue for software companies. People can easily get illegal access to the operating system through pirated copies of the program. And this is certainly not an ethical thing because piracy will eventually hurt the software industry. Microsoft's step in fighting piracy is a smart move actually but unfortunately they do not take into account those users who frequently re-format their PCs.

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