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November 24, 2006

Microsft Vista in compliance with US antitrust ruling... so far

Microsoft and the SEC announced today that up to this point, the new Microsoft Vista Operating System is in full compliance with a previous US anti-trust settlement concerning Microsoft’s monopoly in the desktop operating system market. The issues surround many of the services Microsoft offers and uses on its operating system, including e-mail, instant messenger programs, and internet browsers. Microsoft was fined over US$600 million in a past ruling in Europe for antitrust violations.

To ensure that they are in full compliance, Microsoft is allowing vendors of the aforementioned services and regulators to test the compatibility of Vista and other, non-Microsoft programs and software. They have also licensed communication protocols to IT vendors who want to create server software that is compatible with Vista. This of course, comes after MacAfee and Symantec have claimed that the anti-virus software Microsoft plans to release and include in the Vista Operating system violates antitrust laws and both companies have threatened legal action. In response, Microsoft released information to them as well to ensure they were not in violation of any laws.

I personally believe all of this is a good thing. Microsoft essentially wants to dominate every aspect of a user’s computing experience. Microsoft has the ability to do this because they are the most-dominant Operating System in the world by far. They can simply cause other programs and software to not be compatible by imbedding codes into the OS. The anti-trust rulings ensure that there will some sense of competition in the market and will hopefully keep prices down somewhat (compared to what they would be under a monopoly). Also this gives the consumer at least some sense of being able to have a choice in the software that they use in their lives. Also, in light of the fact the their Zune© MP3 player will not be compatible with the Vista Operating system, it would seem more logical for Microsoft to make sure their own products work with Vista rather than trying to ensure others don’t.

Information for this blog was used from the article at http://www.computerworld.com.au/index.php/id;1438863355;fp;2;fpid;1

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