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November 02, 2006

Microsoft backtracks on Vista transfer limits

Microsoft, in its attempt to prevent privacy, initially applied the new transfer limits on its new boxed Vista. This means that users under this proposed term can only install the operating system only once. Separate rules will be applied to installed Vista on new PCs. However, many game enthusiasts responded negatively to this change in licensing. These gamers are people who often upgrade parts of their PCs and thus would need to install the operating systems quite a number of times.

Therefore, in response to this outcry, Microsoft is now reversing back to the original licensing agreement. The same terms as they proposed for Windows XP will still apply which means that users can install multiple number of times of Windows Vista. There are, however, some conditions to fulfil before users can perform the multiple installations. The operating system would need to be completely uninstalled first from the old PC and stop using the program.

In my opinion, fighting piracy is definitely a big issue for software companies. People can easily get illegal access to the operating system through pirated copies of the program. And this is certainly not an ethical thing because piracy will eventually hurt the software industry. Microsoft's step in fighting piracy is a smart move actually but unfortunately they do not take into account those users who frequently re-format their PCs.

Posted by myratp at November 2, 2006 04:37 PM


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