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November 27, 2006

Zune incompatible with Windows Vista

Microsoft is trying to release Zune by the holiday season that it has not focused so much on making it compatible with its latest version of operating system, Windows Vista, which will be released early next year. Those who attempt to install Zune will receive an error message in the form of a picture display of three women in distress. Microsoft also confirms the incompatibility issue in its official Zune supporting document, stating that Zune is not supported by Vista for the time being.

Microsoft may be trying to reap the most sales from the holiday season because it is the peak season for technological gadget purchases. However, it should address this matter instead of going ahead with the plan of meeting the holiday dateline to release Zune. This is because the incompatibility issue may adversely affect Microsoft rather than bringing in more revenue to the company. Firstly, sales of Zune will impact the future sales of Windows Vista. People who buy Zune will almost definitely not upgrade their operating system to Windows Vista because the latter does not even support Zune, making the upgrade futile. Secondly, the forced release of Zune may affect its own sales. Many people may choose to wait until the updated version of Zune is released, which will hopefully be compatible with Windows Vista by then, and not buy Zune now during the coming holiday season. Lastly, the inconvenience caused by the incompatibility of Zune may affect Microsoft's brand equity negatively because people will inevitably think that Microsoft is not producing top of the line products anymore.

Posted by myratp at November 27, 2006 12:06 PM