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December 05, 2006

Del.icio.us Searching

Del.icio.us is a social bookmarking website. A user can bookmark sites and post them under his or her favorites on del.icio.us for future reference. These tagged sites are then also made publicly available to other users on del.icio.us so that others can add anyone's tagged sites to his or her own list of favorite. This enables information sharing between anyone who uses del.icio.us and hence increases the availability of information.

There are several search features on del.icio.us. There first two are the most obvious whenever your favorites page uploads. These are located on the upper right hand corner with the link names "popular" and "recent". Clicking on the "popular" link will lead you to a list of bookmarked sites that are, needless to say, popular among del.icio.us users based on the number of users who saved the site. The "recent" link will on the other hand direct us to a list of bookmarked sites which are recently added to del.icio.us. As you click on the link, the upper left-hand column will display the user's current location. For example, if I initially click on the "popular" link, I will be directed to the "popular" list while the upper left-hand corner will display "del.icio.us/popular/" followed by a blank space. The latter is meant to narrow down the search by typing in key words.

The next search option is also listed on the upper right hand corner of the del.icio.us page. There is a blank space for users to type in the indentifying phrase and the drop menu besides the blank space will allow users to choose the domain of the search; it can be his or her favorites, del.icio.us or the web.

Another option is by searching under your network's lists of bookmarked sites. This can be done by clicking on the link "your network" on the upper left-hand corner next to the link "your favorites".

Lastly, populated sites can be easily tracked from their tag names. As you save a site, there will be two entries that need to be made. One is for the title of the site and the other is for the relevant tag names that you want to associate with that site for easy access to the site in future.

These search options under del.icio.us will definitely help users spend less time in finding the necessary sites to be added to their list of bookmarks.

Posted by myratp at December 5, 2006 01:12 AM


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